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Could there ever be a moment when right-wing ‘economics’ have been so thoroughly and manifestly repudiated?

Could there ever be more overt examples of corporate greed gone nuclear?

Could the repercussions of these policy decisions ever more clearly have wrecked the lives of economically insecure ordinary Americans?

No, no and no. All this is as obvious and predictable as sunrise.

And yet... Here we find ourselves in this remarkable and remarkably absurd position where the folks who not only created this monster, who not only have worked assiduously to prevent any solutions to the destruction they’ve wrought, and who now also promise even more of the same – these very folks are poised to win resounding electoral victories in November.

And the folks who will be voting for them will once again become victims of their predations. And the folks in Congress and the White House they’ll be voting against – supposed socialist-fascists ... – are in fact just about the most pro-plutocrat government imaginable. But they’re going to get stomped by voters for being socialists.

How on earth did this happen?
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When even John McCain refers to Congress “the best government that money can buy” you know you’re really hurting, pal.

As for that Trotskyite socialist in the White House, well he’s staffed his economic team directly out of Goldman Sachs’ boardroom, he bails out mega-banks one hundred cents on the dollar without even requiring that they loan money, he wrote a health care bill that forces thirty or forty million Americans to buy a product from bloated thieving insurance companies whether they want it or not, and he has dramatically increased spending on an already astonishingly distended military, while remaining essentially silent about (meager but essential) unemployment benefits right now in the process of terminating for millions of Americans. Yeah, baby – that socialist.

David Michael Green is a professor of political science, New York

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