Är vi lönsamma

Bill Mitchell hade ett tips på en intressant föreläsning i dag:

What is Living and What is Dead in Social Democracy? - Audio - highlights.
Hela föreläsningen -audio.
Både ljud och bild.
(saga vad man vill om den yttersta tiden med dess teknik men det är inte så lite fantasitkst hur stor valfrihet det finns i information om man vill välja, Guillou kan slänga sig i väggen med sin internet snobbism)

“Professor Tony Judt argues that for the last 30 years, in much of the English-speaking world (though less so in continental Europe and elsewhere), when asking ourselves whether we support a proposal or initiative, we have not asked if it's good or bad; instead we ask: is it efficient? Is it productive? Would it benefit gross domestic product? Will it contribute to growth? This propensity to avoid moral considerations, to restrict ourselves to issues of profit and loss - economic questions in the narrowest sense - is not an instinctive human condition. It is an acquired taste. ”

The lecture nicely dovetailed into my current thoughts and challenged the “left” to wake up to themselves and revive the collective narrative and to get angry about what we have lost over the last 30 years.

Sommestad i Expressen på samma tema och på sin blogg.


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