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Sarahngb Today at the square I couldn't breathe! That's how crowded it was :D :D 21 minutes ago via YoruFukurou Retweeted by Sandmonkey and 23 others

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SaorEire1916 @Sandmonkey Your description on Foreign Policy's "Who to follow on Egypt" list: "Sandmonkey - Foul-mouthed Egyptian blogger " ;) about 1 hour ago via web Retweeted by Sandmonkey and 13 others

reemkhouri RT "@TamimBarghouti: Ten million people in the streets of Egypt today" about 2 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry® Retweeted by Sandmonkey and 65 others

embee Ditto RT @teewahby: just left #Tahrir, people are still flowing in by the thousands, I love this country and I love you people #Jan25

revolution fever reaches all state-owned newspapers and they are kicking out the Editors-in-chief.

ashrafkhalil Tahrir protesters have officially outgrown the square and seeking to expand to new ground. defining moment. What will the army do? #egypt

AymanM #egypt's former min of interior being investigated for transferring millions of govt dollars to Swiss bank accounts #tahrir #jan25

AymanM Lawyers file w general prosecutor first of its kind lawsuit against mubarak family for corruption and stealing state wealth #tahrir #jan25

Inside sources: ex-interior minister Habib el Adly is being charged with Grand treason by the egyptian government. AWESOME! #jan25 about 4 hours ago via web

Amr Adib got into Tahrir and people booed him. Then the true nature of #jan25 surfaced & apologies were made & he was let in #jan25. about 4 hours ago via web


Egyptian Activist Known as 'Sandmonkey' Reveals Identity After Police Beating
a popular Egyptian blogger has revealed his identity and his role in posting dozens of graphic videos showing police beating and torturing their victims.

"[It's] horrific stuff and they like to take pictures and video of it and showcase it to other people," Mahmoud Salem, author of the blog "Rantings of a Sandmonkey," told ABC News. "They have those videos to terrorize people... Our police operates on fear. It doesn't recognize or respect the law."

Sanmonkey är en av dessa medelklass revolutionärer, uttalad liberal ogillar Muslimska brödraskapet, Hamas etc och vänstern. Konservativa religiösa ses inte som en väg att modernisera Egypten och arabvärlden.

En kommentar från hans blogg 2008 när det var sk brödupplopp i Mahalla:

We have come to see the Day…
Update: This is response to some people in the comments section, you can ignore this if you want to:
Okay, both of you are acting like idiots. First of all, Mahalla is not a MB stronghold, no more than any other city is. The MB's power is greatly exaggerated and hyped, and they are too chicken to be behind this revolt. If anything they are distancing themselves from it and criticizing the actions of the Mahalla people. So no, that's not what's going on. What's happening is that the people there are ignored and fed up, and refsue to shut up while their family members and friends get arrested. They have a semblance of diginity that has somehow eluded the rest of the population. So, yes, we should encourage this.

Secondly, if you are following what's happening there as much as I am, here is something you might not know: The people are not the ones burning stores and cars; the police is. It's being done to be used as pretext to arresting people, The people are setting tires on fire and throwing rocks at the police who are unlawfully arresting their friends, shooting tear gas and rubber bullets at them and have killed so far 4 people, the last of which is a 15 year old boy, who got shot in the head. The people are finally pushing back against a regime you both know is autocratic and tyrannical, and yet you only take issues with them refusing to eat shit. That, on its own, says volumes about you.

Thirdly, and most importantly, allow yourselves to enjoy those brief moments of joy before the get crushed, as they're going to. If this spreads, then the regime will spare no expense to squash it, especially with the visible absence of the western media and their coverage. Without international cover, this won;t survive, and the government will fuckin air bomb the demonstrators if they truly became a threat to the regime. The point isn't the overthrow of the government, not yet. It's a warning shot, letting them know that they can't get away with this shit much longer, that the corruption must stop, that political liberties must be respected and that the mismanagement of the economy can not continue. That the people won't just bend over and take it anymore.

That they better change or this might breed the revolution you so rightly fear. But that won;t happen today, or next week, so please, quit your whining, worrying and bitching about the protesters, and start fearing for their lives. Those people have almost nothing and are risking what little they have for a chance for a better life. Nobody asked you to act like them, nobody asked you to support them, but at least try to respect them. They earned that much!


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