The battle of Chernobyl
(94 minutes)
Author/Director: Thomas Johnson
Producer: Play Film

"On April 26, 1986 the fourth reactor at the Chernobyl nuclear power station exploded setting off a chain reaction that threatened to trigger a second explosion even more powerful.

For 8 months, 800 000 soldiers, miners and civilians worked around the clock to “liquidate” the radioactivity, building a “sarcophagus” around the ruined reactor. Eight months in hell that its survivors aren’t likely to forget. Covering a 20 year period, using 3D images and archival footage, the film is the re-enactment of a relentless battle against an invisible and deadly enemy."

[I filmen säger de 100 tusen soldater som cirkulerades och 400 tusen civila i olika yrken, efter sju månader var betongsarkofagen färdig. Iofs kommer uppgiften om 800 000 från de som idag distribuerar filmen]

More than 40,000 residents in the immediate area were exposed to fallout a hundred times greater than that from the two atomic bombs dropped on Japan. But the most serious nuclear accident in history had only begun. Based on top-secret government documents that came to light only after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1999, The Battle of Chernobyl reveals a systematic cover-up of the true scope of the disaster, including the possibility of a secondary explosion of the still-smoldering magma, whose radioactive clouds would have rendered Europe uninhabitable. The government effort to prevent such a catastrophe lasted for more than seven months and sacrificed the lives of thousands of soldiers, miners and other workers.

The Battle of Chernobyl dramatically chronicles the series of harrowing efforts to stop the nuclear chain reaction and prevent a second explosion, to "liquidate" the radioactivity, and to seal off the ruined reactor under a mammoth "sarcophagus." The consequences of this catastrophe continue today, with thousands of disabled survivors suffering from the "Chernobyl syndrome" of radiation-related illnesses, and the urgent need to replace the hastily-constructed and now crumbling sarcophagus over the still-contaminated reactor. As this remarkable film makes clear, The Battle of Chernobyl is far from over.

The battle of Chernobyl part 1

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Awards: 2006 : Prix Italia ; Mention spéciale au prix Europa - Berlin ; Golden Chest International TV Festival - Sofia - Bulgarie ; Festival International du

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