Obama ger bort nästa period

It’s official.
Obama has decided to become a one term president.

It never had anything to do with debts and deficits and tens of trillions of dollars of unfunded “entitlements”. The goal all along has been to find a Democratic president willing to kill Social Security. Washington finally has one. Al Gore probably would have done it—but his “lockbox” proposal was too silly to sell with a straight face, so he never got the chance. Obama became the willing sacrificial lamb.

Wall Street wants blood for its vampire squids, and Obama is willing to deliver it by the truckload. To be clear, he is no martyr. Martyrs have to be unwilling, at least up to a point. It appears that President Obama wanted this outcome from day one.

In the old days, the enemies were simply too obvious to be successful—using Cold War rhetoric and labeling the program a communist plot, they never gained traction.

As they became more sophisticated, they moved on to railing against future costs of taking care of babyboomers. They enlisted Alan Greenspan, who chaired a commission that unnecessarily jacked up payroll taxes to run surpluses to be “saved” for future use—something that was impossible for a sovereign government to do since Trust Fund assets were simply government IOUs (something later admitted by Greenspan). But the high taxes helped to build hostility to the program.


Björn Nilsson sa...

Ett tänkbart upplägg är att 1) republikanerna uppträder så vansinnigt att de gör sig oväljbara i majoritetens ögon, 2) de som tjänat mest på Obamas politik (Wall Street) vräker in pengar i hans kampanj nästa år, och 3) Obama blir återvald och kan fortsätta med ... ja, vad det nu är han håller på med.

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