Euro SOS Debate

Ytterligare ett intressant program från RT (Russia Today)

“We are in a recession now, you’ll think that for any civilized country not Europe but America or Latin America or Africa, for a civilized area they would say with a recession you would have the central bank create credit to run a deficit to build infrastructure and have employment but in Europe they say No you have a recession give more money to the banks - we caused the recession now you give us money, btw we know you don’t have it, lets sell of the Parthenon, sell of the water systems privatize everything and let us rip you of all over again, now is time for the big rip off and that is their idea of what a central bank is … and this is wrong and it’s evil. And European voters see this in America 85 percent of the voters opposed the bail out to the banks in 2008 and similar in Europe. … In Europe the population is so deaden by your rotten bankers and your rotten medial her that they actually eh… the banks think they can do whatever they want …”


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